In the Commonwealth of Virginia, divorce records are kept at the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. They keep records dating back from 1918 until today. They keep records on a state-wide level for a more convenient searching of files. Free Public Divorce Records Virginia, along with birth, marriage and death records, are considered vital records.

Divorce records are used as proof of divorce and other legal purposes. Certified copies are issued only by the Virginia Department of Health and the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics.

In contrast to the other vital records, which are only available for immediate family members, Virginia divorce records are open to the public. This is due to the submission of the Freedom of Information Act imposed by the state. As long as an official application form is filled out and fee requirements are paid by the client, then they can obtain the files. Once payment is made, there will be no refunds if no files are found and a “No Record” letter will be given to the client.

Basic information about the divorce case is needed so a search can be conducted. More information means a much accurate search. Details like the couple’s names, date and place of the case, full name and email address of the person making the request for certified copies of divorce records.

There are three ways to obtain the records – through mail, walk-in and through an online records provider. Only cash and check is accepted as mode of payment for the first two and a major credit card is accepted for an online records provider. Mail requests should be addressed to the Division of Vital Records with an estimated turn-around of two to four weeks from the time the request is made. The second way, which is the fastest way, is the walk-in. A same day service is available to walk-in customers. You only need to bring $12 as payment for the certified copy, which is paid per search, and a valid ID. The third way to obtain such files is by Express Delivery through VitalChek Network.

VitalChek Network is an online records provider that is authorized by the government of the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide divorce records. It has no hidden charges, inflated prices, and guarantees security of your files. It offers a more convenient way of ordering certified copies online. They provide a reliable tracking system that lets clients follow their order from the time the order has been made to the time the records reaches the clients possession. A support team is also available 24-7, with a representative that is bilingual, to assist clients. With the help of their tracking system, you will be given real-time updates of your order and when exactly it will arrive.

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