Do you have a blog inside you just bursting to get out? Or are you the proud owner of an already successful blog looking for some new, fresh and exciting ideas to keep your readers engaged on your site? As a blog writer myself, I know how challenging it can be to produce interesting content on a regular basis. And it doesn’t seem to get any easier – well not for me anyway. That’s why I like to keep a list of article ideas on hand so that if writer’s block strikes, I can simply check my list and complete the article with the most attractive title or topic to me at that time. These 500 topics to write about in your articles, blogs And newsletters are designed to help you realize that you already have the knowledge to complete your task and the writer’s block that you are facing is merely a temporary annoyance. While the goldmine of ideas in this book is organized by topic, many of them can be easily adapted for cross-subject articles and blog posts. If at any time you are stuck with what to write about, either because you are new to writing articles or you feel like you have written all you know already, then I expect that just by reading these ideas your brain activity will increase. In turn, this should lead to a flow of creativity and you may not even get to the end of each chapter before you get the urge to start writing your next awesome article. As an extra special bonus, I have included a short yet beneficial how-to guide on writing an effective title – the most important factor in getting your articles read or ignored – AND OVER 120 winning titles that you are free to use as you begin to develop your own.

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The Hunger Games Part 2

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