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  1. T. phillips

    Ellis nails it on the head about the new Indian Policy, Washington,Knox, and McGillivray. I highly recommend this book.Ellis gives us a refreshingly new and comprehensive view of the early U.S. Indian policy formulated primarily by Knox and then Washington, leaving the dirty work to Jefferson to make legal the secret articles of the Treaty of 1790 . I think Jefferson resented this and reversed course later. Ellis points out this was strictly a “top down” policy based on a sincere humanitarian treatment of the Indians but it just didnt stick with the common man on…

  2. Robert R. Briggs

    A Hard Look at Those Early Days Joseph Ellis always has done an interesting job on his writing of American History. American Creation is no exception. The book is not crowded with many characters or events. Rather, Ellis points to key issues and selected men who are particularly deep in the making of our great country. So many Americans believe we just declared our independence in 1776 and immediately had the great United States of America. As Ellis shows, it took almost 12 years of hard work with many discussions and…

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