Working under the Virginia Department of Health, the Office of Vital Records houses over 7 million public documents that contain a variety of information regarding the citizens of the state of Virginia. With a population of more than 8 million people, you can imagine the number of calls and visits the office is getting on a monthly basis, all wanting to access Virginia Marriage License and other vital information that the department is authorized to provide.

Accessing these kinds of data is not really that difficult; at least not as challenging as it was in the past, before the Internet became widely available. These days, government agencies and departments have taken full advantage of the Internet to provide better service to the general public. And the same thing could be said with regards to vital reports and other essential information assistance.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, as it is officially called, marriage license records and other documents subject to public access are easily obtained through the Office of Vital Records, formally known as the Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics. The said office has provided three easy ways in which you can apply for a certified copy of any of the following events; birth, death, marriage and divorce reports. You can do it by mail, walk-in, or Express Delivery via the VitalChek Network. Visiting the division’s official website will give a better understanding on the proper procedures and requirements.

The Archives Division of the Library of Virginia can also be an excellent source for surviving documents from 1853 to 1896. Due to the fact that Virginia marriage records can only be made public fifty years after the event, the Archives Division would be a great focal point for informative documents that are relevant to genealogy research since most of its files are more than five decades old. There are no bureaucracies or government red tape that can impede your research.

Whether you are trying to acquire marriage data for official purposes or simply out of interest about your boyfriend, or prospective spouse’s marital history, the procedures and policies that most government outfits are trying to implement are just too inefficient and time-consuming. The processing time alone on single document requests can take several working days to accomplish. And for that, people are constantly trying to find other alternatives in obtaining such files more efficiently.

For most experienced researchers and genealogists, the services of a good commercial information provider is the best solution to getting marriage license records and other vital information in a more productive and convenient manner. The effortless process and quick search result generation makes the task more fruitful and a lot less frustrating. With a database that is capable of providing birth and death reports as well as marriage and divorce files, a single search can yield countless information about a single individual. And the best part is you only have to pay once, no extra charges or hidden fees. From a financial standpoint, the one-time payment option is quite practical, especially to those who frequently conduct background research and inquiries.

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