In A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, Carl Anderson explains the underlying principles and reasons for conferring with students, and how to make writing conferences a part of your daily routine. With clear and accessible language, Carl guides you through the three main parts of a writing conference, and shows you the teaching moves and intentional language that can be used in each one. He helps you understand:
– how to get started with conferring, or improve your existing conferences
– how to use conferences to meet the diverse needs of your student writers
– how to fit conferences into your busy writing workshop schedule.
More than 25 videos bring the content to life, while Teacher Tips, Q&A’s, and Recommended Reading lists provide everything you need to help you become a better writing teacher.

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  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous book to boost your confidence and skills in conferring about writing! Carl Anderson has long been considered masterful at the writing conferring process. In his new book, Carl gives us a clear visual process to help each of us to move closer to masterful conferences. In page after page he shows us how to listen in, lean in, and step in at just right moments as we make the experiences about the child and the opportunities the writer in front of us is giving us to celebrate and elevate their writing. My best advice for any teacher who wants to maximize their impact…

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