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5,000 Writing Prompts is the must-have resource for novelists, short story writers, screenwriters, creative writing teachers, bloggers, memoir writers, playwrights, improv actors, and other creators. It’s not only for people with writer’s block, but also for people who want to write faster and make their stories richer and better.

It includes…

150 plot ideas for each of these genres: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, romance, young adult, historical fiction, and general fiction

hundreds of other master plots from classic fiction and mythology

hundreds of dialogue, character, and setting prompts

100 poetry exercises

hundreds of prompts for personal writing and journaling

500 blog post ideas

…and much more!

From the author of Master Lists for Writers, this comprehensive book is filled with inspiration. Let it spark your imagination and remind you that your creative possibilities are truly endless.

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  1. Anonymous

    A must-have for any writer’s library. There are some times as a writer when the exact thing I need is to borrow someone else’s brain for a second to see things from a new angle or add an outside take to a plot or a scene that I never would have come up with on my own. I often talk through my books with my writing group, but when they’re not available, this book is the closest thing I can get to that experience.Bryn’s brain, and as a consequence, this book, is packed full of story sparks and prompts to set your writer’s…

  2. Anonymous

    Super Book! I cannot describe how much I love this book! It’s loaded with amazing prompts and ideas. Honestly, if you run out of something to write about, it’s only because you stopped looking through the book lol… it’s THAT loaded! There’s ideas and prompts for just about anything you can imagine, and you can get even more ideas and prompts just by changing up the ones in the books to include this or that or the other… it’s just an overall fantastic resource. I’d give it a 10 star rating if I…

  3. Anonymous

    Every writer should have a huge book of writing prompts within easy reach, and this book delivers. The best part about this book is that the prompts aren’t just recycled, half-baked ideas that you can find by doing a Google search on writing prompts. The reason I did not give 5 stars is because, number one all of the prompts are numbered individually per section – it would have been helpful to have a running list for Kindle purchasers who want to “pick a number out of a hat” (or use an online…

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