Has writer’s block or procrastination stopped you writing?

Is your inner critic sabotaging your success and making you think your writing is dreadful and no one would ever read it?

Imagine, no more procrastinating. No more interruptions. No more feeling you’re not good enough to be the writer you long to be. No more conflicts with family. No more writer’s block.

Awareness + Solution = Mind Hack

Rather than “feel good inspiration”, 47 Mind Hacks for Writers takes you through the simple steps you need to shift your mindset so you can write on your terms.

We asked over 100 writers what their biggest obstacles were around writing. This book gives you a mind hack for each one.

DISCOVER 47 Mind Hacks that Will Make You a More Productive Writer

The book will help you:

  • Put an end to writer’s block… forever
  • Uncover the real reason you’re procrastinating and start writing today
  • Discover a fun way to get your family to help you reach your writing goals
  • Stop feeling like you’re not good enough
  • Shut down the overly-critical self-talk that holds you back

Karen & Steve Dimmick have been using belief change techniques, coaching and Neuro-Linguistics since 2004, and have been helping authors since 2007.

“Essential reading for writers ready to go pro.” – Tom Morkes, CEO of Insurgent Publishing

You know what life hacking is, now it’s time to hack your mind, get out of your own way and be the writer you know you can be.

ORDER47 Mind Hacks for Writers, today, and get back in control of your writing life!

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  1. Patrick-G

    Don’t just read it, do the exercises ? I Love this book. I like to read from the beginning and let me tell you, the first 16 Mind Hacks for Writers are wonderful. I’m using these ideas to create Video guitar lessons and have written my Focus statement from Mind Hack#6. I envision myself as I Video record my lessons. The greatest break through for me is my “Steps to Make a Video Series” which I wrote today after reading about how to establish daily goals for your writing and I also started to write a script for the first…

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