You’ve got a story in you. But how do you extract it? If you’re having trouble getting started, if you’re blocked, or if you’re looking for a new idea to kickstart your creative engine, this book is for you. Combining verbal prompts, images, and advice for how to use them, this collection of high-quality, creative writing prompts moves from specific and structured prompts to more abstract ones. Whether you want a situation, a unique character, a snippet of dialogue, journal or memoir ideas, or a picture to get you started, this book is sure to help you spark your masterpiece.

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    A Must Buy For Writers WOW! I had so so much writers block and I was starting to feel really down on myself about whether I was ever going to be able to complete the writing goals I’d set for myself. Enter “250 Writing Prompts.” Suddenly, it was guiding me to not just be able to write, but to become clearer in what I wanted to write, better ready to write as often as I wanted to write, and what I was writing was higher quality than before. I know there are tons of so-called writing books but this one is legit! I am…

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